Going to the dentist linked to overall well-being

Go to the dentist at least once a year and you are more likely to feel better about your life overall, according to results from a survey by Delta Dental Oral Health.

Those who visit the dentist at least once a year are 22% more likely to report their overall well-being as good or better compared to those who rarely visit. Their overall well-being was taken as their physical and emotional health.

“Going to the dentist regularly is one part of taking care of ourselves,” says Dr Bill Kohn, Delta Dental Plans Association’s vice president of dental science and policy. “Taking care of ourselves is taking control, and we feel better about our lives when we do.”

Not surprisingly, people who visit the dentist more often also tended to report better oral health. Those who get a dental check-up at least once a year were 37% more likely to report their oral health as good or better.

Delta Dental’s survey of 1,003 American adults found that income and education play a large and important role in getting to the dentist. For example, 86% of those earning $100,000 a year or more visit the dentist at least once annually, compared with 46% of people earning less than $25,000. About 8 out of 10 of adults who had been to university had regular dental visits. For those without university degrees, about 6 out of 10 visited the dentist once a year.

According to the study, half of Americans rate their oral health as very good or excellent. Only 19% rate their oral health as fair or poor.

“Delta Dental sponsored the Oral Health and Well-Being Survey to shine a spotlight on the importance of oral health in America,” says Kohn. “As leaders in dental benefits, we know the importance of oral health for basic daily activities involving the mouth and the link between oral health and overall health. This study’s findings demonstrate the vital role that dental care plays in overall well-being.”

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