Don’t ignore tooth loss

Tooth loss is a serious matter that should be taken care of as soon as possible. It’s considered a time-sensitive dental matter, which means that oral health can be impacted as well.

“Tooth loss will directly affect oral health if a patient doesn’t consult with a dentist about receiving a restorative device,” says Dr. Luis A. Alicea.

Restorative dentistry does one of two things – it restores the natural tooth or it replaces it. The main goal is to save a patient’s natural tooth, but that’s not always an option, especially if a patient’s tooth gets knocked out or severely infected.

Teeth will be extracted if an infection or decay has the potential to spread to other teeth and areas of the gum, causing additional harm and tooth loss.

Restorative procedures, such as a filling and root canal therapy, can try to remove decay and restore the function of the tooth. If tooth loss does occur, a patient’s oral health can still be saved with the help of tooth replacement options.

Dental implants, dental bridges and dentures can all be used to replace one or more teeth. All three devices share similarities, but dental implants are particularly coveted in dentistry for two additional reasons: they stop the jawbone from disappearing, and implants do not require any tampering with the surrounding teeth.

Once the tooth root is removed from the mouth, that area of jawbone loses its support. This can lead to a receding jawbone. If a dentist inserts the implant soon after tooth loss there is a higher chance that the process of osseointegration, where bone fuses to metal, will take place. This can ultimately save a patient’s jawbone.

Saving the jawbone and neighbouring teeth from the effects of tooth loss is the key to maintaining and improving oral health. Never wait to see the dentist if you have experienced tooth loss. The quicker the area is seen to, the more likely it is to remain in good oral health.

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