A healthy smile could mean better job prospects

It has been found that a majority of workers in the UK believe that having a nice, healthy smile will improve their career prospects, while for managers having a good smile makes them more motivational.

The new study of 2000 employees in the UK was carried out by Bupa, and found that two thirds of respondents considered a good smile to be ‘an important asset’ at work, believing it improved their overall employability. A quarter felt that a good smile also improved their chance of promotion.

In terms of management, 54% stated that they found one of the best forms of motivation to simply be a genuine smile from their management, while 42% say that someone with healthy-looking teeth were more authoritative.

Clinical director of dentistry at Bupa, Dr Steve Preddy, says that smiles play a key role in ‘the initial visual impression we each create’, be it at meetings and during presentations, or at interviews. He furthers this by saying that attractive smiles suggest ‘confidence, competence and authority’, qualities which make a person more employable, therefore enhancing their job prospects.

On the other hand, unhealthy teeth, which are over-crowded, or spaced, can have the opposite effect. A whole 37% of respondents believed that bad teeth damaged the employability of an individual, while a third felt it could potentially hold back career progress.

An unattractive smile may also affect confidence, both in the individual and in others – 42% of people find working with colleagues who have bad teeth distracting, while 29% say that bad teeth affects their confidence in someone’s ability.

Preddy adds that ‘people are starting to realise the impact that unhealthy looking teeth can have on their professional life’. Maintaining a good dental health routine, by brushing for two minutes twice a day, flossing regularly, keeping a healthy diet and visiting the dentist regularly, will ensure teeth stay healthy and look the part at work.  However if you are concerned about your smile there are many treatments available including: Invisalign & Teeth Whitening – all of which can improve your smile.

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